An Ode to Alex Trebek

I’m going to miss Alex Trebek, I think we all are. He hosted more than 8,000 Jeopardy games, the most of any game show host. There are many theories as to the success of the show, though Alex’s own was that they did so well because they avoided conflict: “In this day and age, when there is so much societal tension, game shows are valuable because they’re pleasant,” he told New York magazine in 2018.

In a time when the truth or facts don’t always seem to matter, Jeopardy! and Alex provided certitude. There’s something so satisfying about being certain you’re right or wrong. This question and answer format has cemented its place in cultural history, and just like Mr. Trebek, is timeless. He was on air for more than 30 years, and filmed the final season while undergoing chemotherapy. …


The 5-day work week is over. Gamification is the new way to engage your team at home.

Are you currently working from home? From zoom calls to endless emails, the way we work has changed drastically since March. We may still have a long way to go before we can return to our offices. Many companies are putting their work-from-home policies in place permanently: Twitter, for example, will let all employees choose whether they want to continue working from home forever after the pandemic. My new neighbor in Mexico is a Twitter VP who is moving down here permanently.

Although we get the comfort of staying home, or the flexibility of living wherever we like, working “at home” can be isolating and monotonous. How do you break up the days when there’s little to distinguish them? If you and your team have trouble concentrating in remote meetings, feel out of touch with each other, or if you’re just looking for a cooler way to train (like I am on all of the above), I have a suggestion that will save time and $: play a game! …


Alana Kalin

Co-Founder and CEO, De Kabeza

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